Omg I can't believe what I just bought!

Fuel costs are killing me on my commute. Tanya’s 100 series pulls the trailer, and the 70 series is my ultimate adventure rig. So both stay.

But the beautiful Prado 90 is the commuter. And it’s fuel econ is amazing for a permanent 4wd rig, but still…

So I am putting it up for sale. And I’ve already gotten it’s replacement.

You’re not gonna believe what’s replacing it. seriously. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Off-road Prius?


I mean, you’re a Toyota guy now, right?

Spill it, Powerfist. :rofl:

LOL. I’m a guy who likes cars of all kinds, apparently.

But what I bought is about as far from toyota as you can get, in some ways…

I got… drumroll…

A 2004 R53 Mini Cooper! I know! I know!

Its the S model, and is a john cooper works edition, so it has a supercharger, and 210hp. Manual of course, and found it for fairly cheap with 138k kms (~80k miles). THe biggest surprise of all? No leaks! Its an absolute hoot to drive and as long as I can stay out of boost, I’ll save fuel on my daily commute. Pretty excited at this find…

I know they have a rep for quality which isn’t great, but my research indicates that the gen1 R53 models were the best bet. It has the Tritec W11 engine instead of BMW’s later, fancier N12/14/16/18 engines which suffered from sludge and timing chain issues. No HPFP, vanos issues, etc. Simple, semi-reliable, iron block.

I’m sure it’ll have its own quirks, but you don’t drive a mini and expect it to be a corolla.


OH HELL YEAH, Phil. :call_me_hand:

@humming what year was your wife’s Mini? Any advice for Phil?

Today the Prado sold. Whew. Now I can turn to projects again. Woot woot!

Like this! 9.5 inch screen in a place where there was only single DIN.

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Is this your Android Auto install post, then? (It’s a tradition at this point, methinks.) :clown_face:

In all seriousness, though, now that I’ve had a chance to use AA with V’s new Mazda, I’m kinda thinking about how to get it into Fezzik next. I wonder if I can get him in the garage for an interior refit before winter?

Lol. I guess it is? It fits really nicely in here, considering how small the car is outside. 9.5 inch screen is easily reachable from gear stick. And when sitting in the seats, it really doesn’t look like a giant floating screen stuck in the middle.

I love it. And yes, I believe AA (or carplay if that’s your thing) belongs in every rig. It’s just so functional. And non distracting compared to most other options.

You absolutely should put one in ol fezz. :+1::+1:

Oh hai!

Anyway, what a fun car!

Ironically, I just sold my subcomapct (Yaris). First time I’ve been without a small car in 17 years. I hope the MINI is good for you!


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First the OEs get rid of their subcompact offerings, then SCC gets rid of theirs. Meanwhile, Phil trades Betsy XIV for a lowered sport compact for the first time in 10 years and I’m thinking Miata in the spring.

What’s the world coming to?