1979 Osagian Canoe

I just bought a 1979 Osagian canoe. It’s a double-ended, 17-feet long, made of 0.051ga 6061-T6 aluminum, and came with the original portage yoke, outboard mount, and five paddles.

Neighbor Steve took us out on a couple of his Wenonahs a few weeks back. You could say I was hooked. I still want a sailboat and am continuing to keep my eyes peeled for a Sunfish or such, but I expect to have this guy polished up, registered, and on the water by next weekend.

P is stoked, obviously. She can’t wait to get it on the water too. I spent some time over the weekend burning up an old, janky orbital sander trying to clean it up with 100-120 grit sand paper and water before I went down to Harbor Freight and picked up a 10amp buffer, four different cutting/polishing pads, and a couple bottles of Meguires cutting/polishing to do the job in less than a fortnight. :wink:

Is it stupid that I meticulously removed all the past registration tags almost one at a time until I got down to the oldest on the hull–which coincides with the year I graduated high school?

This build thread should be relatively simple. The plan at this stage:

  1. Clean, polish, and register
  2. Test it out on the river this weekend!
  3. Figure out what accessories we need first
  4. Use it a bunch of times before it gets too cold.
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