Arts Retreat

Life has changed dramatically over the past three years for many folks, I know. Mine is no exception. So many of those changes led to the next and then the next and then the next, as life does (I’ll endeavor to share what happened in another thread). Those cumulative changes led my wife and I to take a HUGE leap and finally start bringing to fruition a dream I’ve had for a little over thirty years - and the biggest personal project I’ve ever attempted. It’s also the greatest personal risk I’ve ever made, with the potential for the greatest reward. My wife busts my ass on the regular because I document near everything that I do, but never share it. With anyone. Ever. So, let’s see if I can start by putting it down here.

On October 19, 2021, after a exhausting year of searching all over the west coast, and a bit more in the Midwest, we bought a 56 acre property in upstate New York, at the very northern county of the Hudson Valley. This property will be a family home, as well as an arts retreat.


I am looking forward to this story, my friend. Truly.

(And visiting ASAP.)

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I’m also curious about all the different structures I’ve heard about at the new property. You’ve been working on the main house, I know, but isn’t there a haunted stable or demonic lawn tractor? :wink:

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