Captain Arlo Zappa

Say hello to Arlo!

Captain Arlo Zappa is a Mauzer. Dad was black Miniature Schnauzer. As I understand it, Dad was found abandoned with mats so bad he couldn’t move. Having been rescued and cleaned up, he was placed in an air conditioned foster home, where he met Mom, an almost purebred, all-white Maltese.

Next thing you know, we’re on vacation in Iowa City, and our friend Shannon—who grew up with Schnauzers—tells us a co-worker on the call she’s on right now just announced his dog’s had seven puppies, they’re freaking adorable, and free to good homes. All seven dogs were adopted before the call was over. Shannon got one. We got one.

Arlo was born 06.08.22.

We met him for the first time on 07.17.22. Here’s V holding him for the first time.

And here he is, 11 days later, on the drive home the day we adopted him,

He’s since been on a road trip to Huntington Beach, CA, and back.

To be continued…


First Night.

Arlo did alright his first night away from home. Warmed right up to us and P especially.

Of course, we forgot what usually happens the first night you bring a 7-week-old puppy home. I got about four hours sleep. In 30+minute increments.

First Vet Visit.

Notice the clock in the background. Yes, we had a 6:40AM appointment. Some day, I’ll have to take him back for the snip, but for now, we’re cool.


Love him!

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My little bro-dog has a theme song.

(It’s “Dirty Love”.)

Capt. Zappa is pushing 10lbs, is almost as big as the cat–who will chase his ass through a world of pain of he doesn’t leave her alone–and can get onto the couches if he really tries.

He’s nearly as fast as Louise and is content to run back and forth with her. Most of the time, he leaps at her face just before she reaches me. Sometimes he gets the ball right out of her mouth. He conks out before she does, though. Him got a tiny tank and motor.

Hey, girl.