Destination: Alaska, summer of 2022?

This is quite preliminary. But is there anyone here who might possibly be interested in proceeding NW into the great frontier? No idea on routing yet, or attendees. This is very early stuff. But it would be july or august of 2022. 10 days maybe (from here, at about the 51st parallel), possibly 2 weeks…

Anybody have a hankering for an epic roadtrip ^ north?^



This sounds fantastic!

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Believe it or not, I was thinking about a summer adventure in 2023 titled Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. You just took it to the next level, brah.

Edit: I got really excited about this only to realize–at 230AM waiting for a whiny puppy to do his business–you’re talking next year 2022. I’m not gonna be able to make that. :frowning:

Our moving window doesn’t open until June 1st. Even if we left town the next day, we’re looking at July before we’re remotely settled, and school starts in August.

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I want to do this. Just can’t next year. (Sorry if my original reply was too excited.)