Landcruiser 70 series Rust-o-Mod: "OLBETSY ZX"

So up top is a 270 awning but we’ve found esp when the base camp lasts a day, that the sun coverage is minimal at times without walls. So now I have two walls that can make a massive room next to the truck when needed.

Downside? They’re bulky. And heavy. A put both in a large duffle and cinched it down. In the last pic I posted they are in the tan duffle on rhs. The idea is that they’re there when needed but will sit in situ when not, and not take up prime real estate.

This 270 is freestanding, but has two drop down poles. I also keep two more in ceiling storage, since the walls need all 4 poles. Haven’t tried it in the wild yet but soon…


The wire shelf is behind a net. It’s fine for lightweight bulk like puffy jackets, hats and extra blankets.

Amazingly, even with the toolbox on top of the crate and the fridge, and up top storage… I can STILL see out the back window! :sunglasses:


I think the awning/room combo is my ideal setup. Two years later, I’m still enamored with Josh’s setup on the Montero back when we did the North Rim trip. He had mini futon couches, a heater, electric panini press, and xmas lights. It was like a little treehouse/fort and it was perfect.

But yeah, that’s a huge pack over there for just in case. Have you considered a basic Thule/Yakima roof box for the less frequently needed things like this?

And just like that–I can’t make it to Moab this year.

My brother’s sister is getting married in Chicago and they’ll be passing through Iowa on their way to the wedding. We’ll be hosting them for most of the week currently planned for the trip. I’m excited, but also sad.

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Nope. The roof has RTT and 270 awning so no more weight up high. But the space on the side is hard to utilize otherwise so works for me.


@todd? Anyone else? Interested in a Utah road trip?


I know right? Boo, I say!

Looks like I’m going to end up doing some Great Lakes exploring with the girls. Not sure what that’s gonna look like, either. All the trails I’m finding are just dirt, farm road, mud bogs. There’s literally nothing of interest within 3 hours of me here in Iowa, so any overlanding efforts are likely going to be Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, New York, and perhaps further up toward the North Woods of Maine.

Remind me, do you still have the trailer, too? Man, you’re setup for adventures. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still quite interested. However, we are in the midst of a massive change in our world… again. A good change, mind you. But… the next few months have us doing the final bits of remodel in our California place, and getting it on the market, and moving the whole party full-time to upstate New York. Add in that my wife is taking an early retirement from her job at Cal State University (she’s been there for almost 29 years), and it all adds up to schedules meaning very little in my world right now.

Please keep me in the loop, if that’s possible.