Life is a build thread!

Welcome to our PUBLIC build threads area, where our members share some of their build threads with the world. Feel free to have a look aroundjust know there’s a LOT more to our community than this!

Post your build threads here! Whether you’re building a car, a company—or anything else.

We say life is a build thread because that’s how we see our community approaching any and all of life’s challenges. Building a race car? Build thread. Starting a hot dog cart side hustle? Build thread. Remodeling your house? Build thread. Dealing with fucking cancer? Build thread.

This is a very special area of our community, dedicated to supporting our brothers and sisters who are working on big projects, where we help each other solve problems and overcome challenges, and where we celebrate legitimate accomplishments.

We don’t care if you’re building a race car, a business, or just a better life. If you’re working on a larger, longer term project, we would be honored if you shared it with us here. We got your back.

Oh, and if you use the hashtag #todo on your posts, you might find other members follow up on your progress! :wink: