Not another 2.5 Montero build thread

YUP, no secret here. There is seemingly 10-20 really active people on IG and other platforms with a (the best looking) Montero and most are tan and silver:;or is it Sudan Beige and Belarus silver?

Anyway here’s a build thread for mine.

This is off the truck from AZ. I bought a rust free, decent condition truck from Josh at ADD. These are simply impossible to find in the North East. They just didn’t last. The truck had fresh heads from a top end rebuild but a clacky clack engine noise. I’m all about mechanical work and generally avoid body work so this was perfect for me.

Stay tuned for more great recipes.


I love those wheels. Wish I had a set.

(And nothing wrong with Monteros. Especially not with all the minivan content showing up lately!)


@Brian I think I gave them away for next to nothing. Those 1st Gen steelies are made of depleted uranium or something. HEAVY A/F.

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I blame you, haha.

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