Omg I can't believe what I just bought! (now MINI maintenance thread)

Replacing the hard a/c lines caused many many sailors discomfort as I abused the saltiest of epithets. I had to remove the front end again. Plus airbox, ecu, and an engine mount. Then I had to Jack the engine out of the way. Ewwww.

But. Regas was a success! Woohoo!

Meanwhile had windshield done. One a-pillar garnish was cracked during install. The other one flew off on the highway this morning. So the glass place has ordered new ones from Mini, but I will put them on because I trust almost no one. And apparently with good reason?

Two steps toward one step back. But SUPERCHARGER! So there’s that… :crazy_face:

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Woof. Talk about “BMW shit”. All that to fix the AC just in time for winter, eh?

(How much will you be driving the Mini this winter?)