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This is a collection of #resources we’ve found might help you on your way…

I’ve really had good results utilizing Trello this year to help me organize my projects into manageable chunks. I created a board to use for most of my major project areas.

Here’s an example of the one I’ve tried to use for managing things I’m writing.

I also utilize a project tracker very similar to Brian’s using Google Docs to track the ongoing toll my money-sucking, time-monopolizing project cars are having on my sanity and financial well-being. Here’s a link to that if anyone wants to take a peek.


I love Trello. And I’ve tried using it half a dozen times. For me, the problem always comes down to it being a separate system I need to oversee/maintain in order to be useful. Ultimately, I end up doing all some of the things and forgetting all about my Trello board.

Even so, I love the agile approach with Trello and typically have my lists sorted into:

  • backlog (ideas bucket)
  • sprint (actively being worked on now)
  • blocked (waiting on something or someone)
  • finished

Let me know if you need any help loading up that TGP board, brother. :wink:

Man I usually just keep it all in my head…

Recently added a small note book and a pencil to keep close. That definitely helps.

I’ve found trello works great for discrete things, like moving from outline to draft to edit to publish. But trying to organize more inconsistent or eclectic things, it’s useless for me.

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