We have chosen to live with a simple, ruthlessly efficient rule of engagement—NO ASSHOLES.

But, how does that actually work in life? We are very glad you asked.

We choose to work and spend time with people who respect themselves and those around them. We believe in the power of a community helping its members have a better life. We acknowledge that we can all be assholes, if not careful, but try real hard to choose another path.

So… when/if you find yourself feeling disrespected, take a step back, a couple deep breaths, and re-engage, assuming positive intent. If things are still headed sideways, report the thread and bail out. We’ll handle it. Everyone you meet in the TGP community is cool. If someone isn’t being cool, we’ll step in, let them know, and handle it according to the rules of engagement.

Here’s why we have this rule:

We want everyone feeling confident they can speak to anyone else in the community about nearly anything—because we are operating under the assumption that everyone here is cool. We all do our homework. We treat each other with respect.

One more thing - there’s a difference between “tough love” and being a troll.

To sum it all up:

  • If you’re an asshole in our community, we will ban you.
  • If you’re an asshole elsewhere—we will ban you.

Please message any staff member with questions.

The rules will be updated as needed.


Rule 1 Precedents

Question: What if I join and see someone I don’t like is already a member?
Answer: We hope you’ll realize you’re both cool—because everybody here is cool—bury the hatchet, and maybe end up being friends someday. Otherwise, y’all will just have to avoid each other and play nice.

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