Don't harsh our buzz, man. You get out of this what you put into it.

Our members—and their attitudes—are what makes or breaks this place. If you’re bored and want to waste time, that’s cool, but we don’t waste each other’s time here. We should all feel good about the time we spend on TGP. Even if you’re killing time, we want you to feel like it’s time well spent. TGP is all about #RTFM–Results That Fucking Matter.

Do your homework. Seriously. Seek out the answers, before you ask the questions. This is a place where those who do their homework are rewarded with overwhelming generosity from others in pursuit of their goals. This is also a place where those who don’t do their homework, initially get the benefit of the doubt, and are helped anyway—but please don’t waste other members’ time by being lazy.

Everyone here wants to help other members. However, that requires a mutual respect.


Rule #3 Precedents

Question: How can I do my homework when this forum is new and lacking in depth?
Answer: It’s going to take some time to build up our own, private knowledge base. That’s for sure! In the meantime, we hope you’ll at least make an effort to reference the external sources you’ve considered in search of the answers you’re after.

Example: I was watching this video and want to know more about the Hunter 32-3, but the closest I can find on SailboatData is the 33-2. I’ve been thinking about the Baba 35, but I find I really like what I see in Christian Williams’ videos and I’m not sure if a Hunter 32-2 gets me close enough.

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