Fezzik: Life Begins at 200K

Spray fluid film in there, living in such a dry climate, it will probably never progress.

Sure, you just have to drill all the holes out to accept M8 rivnuts.


Also, they make a spray nozzle with a 360degree head for inside areas like that.

That sucks huge about the tensioner.


We shall see. I bought one, but it’s pretty long. Maybe too long.

That’s it? I live in a dry climate now, but I’d like to be cleaning and protecting things as I go long between now and then, ya know? I’m not opposed to soaking everything with WD40, either. :clown_face:

And thank you for the confirmation on the armor. I felt like I need to make sure there wasn’t some kind of special drill bit required to drill through the factory nut plates.

Good to know. And yes indeed.

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Fluid film sticks and doesn’t dry out. But it’s also not nasty like a petroleum based product. Get a 360 tip and a couple spray cans,

You’ll need a good drill bit, like 11/64th I think, whatever the packaging says for the outside diameter of the rivnut. You can put them right through the factory weld nuts, no need to break them off. As long as the rivnut can go past it a bit to expand. Rivnuts with little ribs on them for your first pleasure might help.


Thank you, sir!

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Still casually playing with wheel ideas. Here’s some Toyota stockers. I could probably snag a set of these for under $400 if I was willing to bide my time…

Taco 17s. (Something about 5-spokes on 6-lugs makes my skin crawl, though.)

4Runner wheels look a bit better, but now we have 7-spokes on 6-lugs…


I was just given (I know!) A set of those taco wheels. They’re pretty nice in person I must say although I do kinda wish they were 16s…

Inner frame rails? Rust? Where? :joy:

So are you leaning towards 17s or 16s? At one point all our rigs had 265/75-16s. Now we have 15s, 16s, and 17s. Lol.


Lots of good tire choices in 265/75/16. It’s the biggest common metric size before you get to the inch diameter x inch width x wheel diameter which seems to get much more expensive for some reason

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I’m not sure what size I’m after, TBH. Given the rapidly shrinking window within which I will be exploring the rocky, desert southwest, I’m just thinking about ways I might provide for more options in the future.

Plus—It’s always fun to shop for wheels!

16s would open up doors enough to be of interest, but maybe the flatter, muddier regions in my future :shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face: will allow for a more tarmac-oriented approach. I don’t wheel very often, but when I do—down here—it tends to be pretty rough and rocky, so I’ll gladly trade a little tarmac prowess for gravel durability. Once I’m—up there—I suspect it’s going to be almost entirely flat farm roads, save a few rutted, muddy areas in the flood plain, so part of me is thinking maybe I could get away with a little less sidewall. :thinking:

And then I see something like this and thinking, what else could work? (Note the size, Rob!)

(But also: Why do I not already have these in my garage?)

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Damnit! They’re fuckin’ 6-spoke-on-6-bolt in a nice color in great condition with usable “30.5s” and a full-sized spare (on a steel wheel I might need when/if I change my mind and go steelies) for less than $90 each.

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