I Bought A Subaru Crosstrek

Sooo … we bought a 2022 Subaru Crosstrek with the 6MT. Got some plans for it, but it’s not going to be some crazy build. It’s going to be our go-anywhere vehicle. Need to cross the Rockies in winter? Done. Need to do a long weekend in Cali? Go! No worries about bad weather, long distances, or breaking down in a 29-year-old JDM turbodiesel either!

We’ve already got some aftermarket bits including a Nameless Executive axleback and strut bar, 215/75R15 BFGoodrich KO2s, Lightforce Venom driving lights, and hopefully picking up some wheels soon.


It’s a perfect vehicle for that purpose. Plenty of room to keep stuff inside and get optimal fuel economy when you need it, but torque-y and equally at-home with a roof box when you wanna sleep inside it on the scenic route.

I remember being disappointed these didn’t come with the turbo. But that was back when I was still new to trucks and hadn’t yet come to appreciate just how fast something like that is, comparatively.

How does it drive compared to the rest of the fleet? Somewhere between the old bugeye and the Teal Terror?

And does this mean the Wildpeak is a loaner?

Maybe this is my “enthusiast mentality” showing through, but I think a the 2.4-turbo out of the Outback would make a rippin’ Crosstrek and people would buy the snot out of them. Of course, it’d also cannibalize Outback/Outback Wilderness sales, so they keep that one cheaper and less powerful with the 2.0- and 2.5-liter N/A engines.

Performance on the '22 Crosstrek (with the 6MT) is pretty pokey. We just installed the Nameless Executive Axleback last weekend and it sounds very pleasing and sporty. You can now actually hear this car. I’m not used to quiet vehicles and the Crosstrek is quiet in stock form.

I’m guessing the Crosstrek is around the same actual performance as the Yaris was. It’s smooth, the shifter isn’t bad. The OEM Geolandars grip decently; it really hangs on in the corners for what it is. I’m impressed with the chassis. But I’d do bad things for the WRX engine in a Crosstrek. Bad.


Yeah, it strikes me as the kind of machine that’s made for hours in third gear on forrest trails, happily soaking up bumps and trundling along with aplomb, well beyond the reaches of lesser vehicles. I like that vibe.

But I also hear the call of the fire-breathing EJ25 or such. I share in your “enthusiast mentality”. It’s like sometimes you catch your inner monologue saying dumb shit. “I nEeD aWd AnD a TuRbO.” No you don’t, Brian. You need efficient and reliable! :wink:

On the TSD rally we took it on, we found the extra ground clearance and its ability to soak up bumps and bad roads very good. While it’s far from a fast rally car, it’s like an itsy-bitsy bit of gold 555 was showing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does the AWD system “lock” front and rear under certain rpm in certain gears for better low speed traction? I seem to remember the Fozzys did that sort of thing.

No. The Subaru AWD doesn’t have a center diff lock. If it does, it’s not manual, but I’m 99.9% sure it does not.

Got our Nameless Performance Executive Axleback video done.

Right in the Goldilocks range. Not too loud, not too quiet. The tip is a bit odd at certain angles, but happy with the add-on.

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Hey guys!

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I love it. Solid vibe. Most time I’ve spent watching automotive media content in a while. Well done.

Is it just me, or is the exhaust tip a little close to the rear fascia and maybe extending a bit further than stock? Sounds real nice otherwise. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. Knowing you buddy, that there is some potent dirt. I didn’t clue in until right now that its a brand spanker. Wow! So this is why the other cars went away? Love it. And 6MT is a dying breed, so I’m glad you got one while possible.


Annnnnd wheels and tires. These are 15x7 (+15) Reika Seekers (15.2 lbs. each) and 215/75/15 BFGoodrich KO2s. We were going to go with bronze, but I think I like the black-and-white look just as much if not better. Love the look. We literally just got these on and maybe have driven 20 miles on the setup. But I love the look. The wheels are flow-formed and weight just 15.2 lbs, so it helps offset the heavier all-terrain tires. Keeps the weight right around OE. Nice to see a wheel company actually keeping the weight down in applications like this. Some other 15x7 + 15 setups weigh about twice this.

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And the Nameless Performance Strut Tower Bar is on. Here’s how I did it in case anyone was curious.

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Looks good! I absolutely love the finish. And it complements the positive battery terminal nicely. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The lug nuts are a very nice touch, too. I really like that!

Do you notice any difference, though? I always had them–even wanted to get all the crazy triangulation ones that tied the strut towers to the firewall and then the ones that go on the outer sides under the fenders, but never honestly noticed anything. And then I think, why don’t we have them on off-road machines that see ridiculous side loads?

Honestly I need more time with the car. We only have 1,000 miles on it. Only 500 of which had the stock tires on it. Now we’ve got the 215/75R15 KO2s so the contact patch is reduced. I figure this: It can’t hurt anything.

I can dig it.

@racedinanger do you still have your Crosstrek? I think if we can talk @BradD into getting one, we can balance out the Mitsubishi content here with the appropriate amount of Subaru shenanigans. Not to mention comparing notes with Andy on the west coast. :wink:

To be honest ours is a 2018 with 45k on it, also a 6 speed.

4 years and 45k miles later, we were just talking about how much we’ve grown to dislike the car.

It’s loud, it’s slow, the seating position feels a little wonky now. I had to turn off hill hold as it wore through the rear brakes within 30k miles.

Basically compared to my Alltrack, which in our opinion has a nicer interior, more power, is much quieter, I wish we had cross shopped it first.

This will be our last modern Subaru. They definitely lost the JDM feel of the cars from 2005 and earlier.

I seem to recall being mildly disappointed when I learned there wasn’t a turbocharged Crosstrek. It’s a sharp machine, but I think if you trend toward more urban environments, power and refinement would edge out grunt and clearance.

PS: Good seeing you here, man. Thanks for responding to the call. :wink: