Landcruiser 70 series Rust-o-Mod: "OLBETSY ZX"

It is and my expectations are low. Hopes are high. :laughing:

Realized when I got home that the front wheels had no balance weights on the outside, owing to PO sandblasting the wheels. So that oughta make a difference?

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Updates… My M101CDN2 trailer had been retrofitted with 12v bulbs, so of course I had to switch them back. Thankfully some of the spares that came with my truck had the right combo of bulbs. Job done. But that is only half the battle. I am in the process of wiring a trailer harness. Got a 24v unit, and have the rhs indicator left to run a longer wire to, and I’ll be ready to tow. Well, electrically, anyways. Still need to get some safety chain eyelets.

One more win: Replaced the front “no-profile” bumpstops with new OEM snubbers. All four bolts came out with no drama. Yay!


Haha. No wheel weights? That’ll do it!


Trailer wiring is done. 24v control box, hidden in the floor compartment and trailer now has 24 volt bulbs again, like it did when new.


Just had a week off for Easter. Got lots done, which I’m sure I’ll detail, but it culminated with ordering a bumper this evening. :laughing: I probably don’t need to tell you which one.

As we sink into the third wave here and numbers continue to climb, I am very thankful to have a project. My vax is still a ways off, despite my profession, and it’s definitely a source of stress, so being able to throw myself headlong into a build that can potentially last forever is shielding me with calm, in this sea of crazy…

Yes. ARB. And by George, brand spanker: my first one not cobbled together, dragged north by friends across borders, and adjusted to fit through sheer force of will. Well, assuming it actually is in stock, or at the very least, can be actually located in a dusty Australian warehouse somewhere?


That’s awesome, can’t wait to see it! I love the ARB bumpers on everything.

A guy just posted his diesel swapped 94 isuzu trooper with lots of ARB kit including air lockers, bumpers, and more, up for sale on the isuzu trader page with no price, just “make an offer” and I SO sorely wish I could make him an offer :sob:

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