Fezzik: Life Begins at 200K


I"m taking the truck into the shop this week to get the PS sorted and fix the trans leak.

Headers are a WAY, way down the road thing. Maybe even something I’d only jump on if it happened to cross my path. Thanks.

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  • PS flush
  • PS & alternator tensioner pulleys replaced
  • trans cooler lines replaced

$506, parts & labor.

Frankly, I was tired of fucking with it.

I’ve probably got eight hours of more into the noisy PS pump situation at this point. Replaced the pump. Replaced the lines. Replaced the reservoir. Replaced the o-rings on the pump. Replaced the lines again. Bled it with the wheels in the air. Bled it with the engine off. Bled it with the engine on. Bled it until the reservoir overflowed, resulting in a 2-foot oil puddle under my truck.

Turns out I should have filled it with Dexron 2+ instead of the Prestone “safe for all systems” shit. And replaced the other two pulleys last fall instead of just the one.


And my fiber optic headliner kit came in today…

E: Two steps back, they suspect a coolant leak behind the front cover (water pump gasket), the oil pressure sending unit–at a minimum–is leaking, and the front diff is leaking too.

I trust Ernest will address the diff when I take Fezzik back for the tcase swap. And I’ve been looking for an excuse to replace that gauge. But I do not want to rear down the front of my engine.

This likely pushes control arm bushing replacements to fall. Need to make room in the garage now. #actionplan

Pics and project write-ups to follow.

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